New Digital Painting: The Incredible Kong.

This is my most recent painting using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Introducing Diddy Banner(played by Diddy Kong) transforming into The Incredible Kong(played by Donkey Kong)! The goal was to finish this painting in one day…

Don't take Diddy's last banana… You won't like him if you take his last banana.

Don’t take Diddy’s last banana… You won’t like him if you take his last banana.

… There’s two ways to look at that, I guess. If you look at one day as 12:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM then no, I didn’t finish in “one day”. I did manage to finish the painting within a 24 hr span of time over three days! I finished this in 13.5 hours of actual work collectively over three days. For more well-seasoned artists out there, that may or may not be impressive. I’m pretty happy with that number. What stops a guy like me who stays up until five in the morning from just doing the whole 13.5 hours in one sitting? I daydream. It’s a focus-melter. My attention span also suffers(but enjoys) my two children, who just can’t seem to leave me alone when I paint. I can’t help it. They think I’m awesome which, by parental law, makes me officially awesome. So, if they want a Nerf™ sword-fight then I’m gonna give ’em one dammit!

The bummer of all this involves my last post, where I mention Kotaku posted my work. I got a tiny taste of victory and fame and let it get to my head.  I was sure to be a shoe-in for my next piece to be on sites of the geek kind, right? I was met with silence by nine different sites. I only cried on the inside, partly because I was probably dehydrated from staying up until 9 in the morning getting everything posted. I don’t think I have ever refreshed my inbox more than I did yesterday.

There was a small light at the end of the tunnel, though. Forevergeek decided to post my work today! I am slowly but surely building up my followers and that’s all I can ask for right now. I’ll keep making stuff and, hopefully, more people will keep liking it.

If you want to see a time-lapse progress video of The Incredible Kong CLICK HERE!!!


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