New Animation, Stuff to Come, and Why that Matters.

Stuff around the corner

Why am I doing all of this? Read on to find out…

This post might be a long one. If it’s not, then you’re welcome. If it is, then I apologize if reading makes you tired. Let’s get right to my latest piece, shall we? Here ya go (And don’t forget to like or dislike it, how else am I going to learn from it? Feedback too please):


How ’bout that? Did you like it? Maybe you didn’t. You’ve probably seen much better. I have too.

What I showed you was not a confident attempt to impress you. If you were impressed, great! That makes me happy (did I mention the whole like and dislike button thing? Sharing would be great too…). I would love to know if you enjoy watching my posts just as much as I would love to know if you disliked them. The feedback is what I want the most. Bring it on. Make me better!

If you have followed any of the recent things I have posted across my Bēhance portfolio, Twitter, Deviant Art, Or even right here, You will have noticed that it’s not one particular field of work that I focus on. As my portfolio grows, you will also notice more conceptual art, storyboard keyframes, digital paintings, logo animations, VFX art, short films, random sketches, and whatever else might pour out of this brain of mine.

Here’s another little logo animation I updated, which you probably never noticed the original because I never bothered to try to get you to follow me before:


So let’s get to that whole “…Why that Matters” part. Understand that, as you read, I’m not looking for sympathy. But my story may start to sound a little like that for just a few moments. It will pick back up. I think…

Late in 2013 I decided to leave a job I’ve been with for just over 5 years. It was helping me support my wife, two children, and a dog. Leaving my job meant a few things:

  1. For a while I would no longer be a reliable source of income (got a job for me?).
  2. We would have to leave the house we rent from, and ask my parents if we could move in for now (Not for free, of course).
  3. Our budget would be so ridiculously tight that there would be multiple chances of my family going into the negative.
  4. I would get to be at home more with the my children, and even pick up my son from school.

Not too many positives on that list for me to convince my family to let me leave my job and chase my dreams, huh? I guess they believed in me enough to give me this chance to do something great.

I didn’t just leave my job to get away from it all and aspire to be a starving artist. I really enjoyed my time teaching people how to be creative with their computers and showing them fancy ways to get what they want done. Getting out of that job was just a stepping stone to a greater goal.

In 2009 I met someone, at my former job, who I now think of as a brother. James saw potential in what I do when I wasn’t even thinking of a greater goal for myself. He is the result of cloning accident involving a DNA mixture from James Cameron, J.J. Abrams, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bay(his sense of cinematography, not the directing or storytelling stuff). He’s a great writer. I’m not much of a fan of reading,  but when he writes something it’s guaranteed to entertain. I helped him redefine a logo for his company and we quickly partnered up to get this thing off of the ground (I emphasize the partnering up being quick… getting off of the ground is another story). Our company is, Electric Soul Studios, a multi-platform entertainment company. In short… We want to make amazing major motion pictures for you.

So why is it so important for me to post a painting here, a logo animation there, and make my son act for shots in my demo reel? I am officially the SVP of Art & Design at Electric Soul studios. We thought Art Director didn’t cover all that I do (plus I have no one to direct), and we are probably still working on my official title so we can cover this job description:

  • Art Director
  • Conceptual Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Brand Designer
  • Web Designer (I’m not great at this one, it should explain why you haven’t caught a glimpse of a decent site I was working on to streamline all of my content, maybe one day you will)
  • Cinematographer
  • Equipment Manager
  • 3D Modeler (still working on this one)
  • 3D compositing (…see last bullet)
  • Video Storage/Asset Management
  • Assistant Marketing Manager
  • R&D Department(I realize that is not a position, but I AM the R&D department for how we tackle any filmmaking obstacles currently)

I’m not an expert at all of those, but I want to be. I’m passionate about art. I want to be the best at all of these so I can be the best at leading a team of the best.

So when you see me make a title animation for no apparent reason and for no specific client, it’s not because I’m trying to show off and want you to pat my back. It’s because I’m sharing the progress of my journey to become a crucial part of the greatest film company you will ever know. I also want you to share our journey with anyone and everyone you know. Follow and share my work and I won’t disappoint.

Where am I now? I am currently learning as much as I can about VFX and 3D modeling/animation. I do freelance work, as well. I offer video, illustration and graphic design services. I have been getting some work here and there. I haven’t quite yet found  a way to ensure I get paid in a timely manner, so the jobs are not proving as profitable as I would have hoped, but every little bit helps. I’m still waiting on a check that was “cut” over two weeks ago. I’m sure my wife will get through two paydays before I see that money, and in two days that will be true. I’m not complaining too much, it’s still money. It’s just awfully hard to plan for anything I make currently. It can only get better from here.

Here’s what you can expect from me next. I will continue to post any VFX projects I think are worthy of it. I will keep on making conceptual art and digital paintings, and possibly offering prints. I will also have more specific posts on what I’m working on at the moment. My next two posts are going to tackle building Electric Soul’s brand, and why movie posters suck now and what I would do to make them better.

I hope to have your support during my journey to be the greatest. Please follow me here,  @artistdaveebee, or at my Behance Portfolio, or all of them for maximum followship (is it okay if I make up words like that?). Thanks for reading, and in the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger robot of  death…


… I’ll be back.




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